How to install MesoFON

How to install MesoFON

We currently provide MesoFON merely as a zip file containing the whole RePast project.
You can find the under "Download" in the SourceForge project summary or on the Files page of the SourceForge project site.
When you have downloaded RePast Simphony here and have installed the ECLIPSE workbench together with the RePast plugins, you can go to the "models" folder in the "RepstSimphony-2.0-beta" directory and unzip there.
After starting the ECLIPSE workbench you can import RePast models by going to the file menu and pressing "Import Repast Examples" as in Figure 1. The meso_FON model will be in the list of RePast models that shows up. Confirm its import by checking the respective box (see Figure 2).

Fig. 1: Import Repast Examples (step 1)

Fig. 2: Import Repast Examples (step 2)

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